Glass Poppies

In 2018 I was given the honour of producing glass poppies for the Royal Canadian Legion.   I am deeply moved by this request and this privilege. As an artist, there is a driving force, a direction we follow.  My focus and my love in glass has always been flowers and florals.  It is where my journey began… the first time I saw a handmade floral bead, I knew that this was an art I needed to have in my life, to learn, to make and to share.  It seems to me now, that journey has taken me to this moment, to this honour:  Creating glass poppy pins and brooches in remembrance to those that served.

Both my parents were WW2 veterans, both lost parents, siblings, friends and family in that war. November 11th is a day to be celebrated and respected.  Memories and stories need to be shared. Lest we forget.

I invite you to visit the Royal Canadian Legion site.  Become a member.  Purchase or make a donation. Participate in Remembrance! (my poppy!!!)