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This year I have been given the honour of producing glass poppy pins and brooches for the Royal Canadian Legion.   I am deeply moved by this request and this privilege.

As an artist, there is a driving force a direction we follow.  My focus and my love in glass has always been flowers and florals.  It is where my journey began… the first time I saw a handmade floral bead, I knew that this was an art I needed to have in my life, to learn, to make and to share.  It seems to me now, that journey has taken me to this moment, to this honour:  Creating glass poppy pins and brooches in remembrance to those that served.

Both my parents were WW2 veterans, and in our household growing up, November 11th was a very important day, celebrated and respected.  Memories and stories were shared and in my brothers and my early life, the war was a part of our day to day lives, as it had been so often spoken of and described.

I invite you to visit the Royal Canadian Legion site.  Become a member.  Purchase or make a donation. Participate in Remembrance! 



https://www.poppystore.ca/glass-poppy-brooch-300725 (my poppy!!!)


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