How did my journey in glass begin you ask?  It began as many journeys do, with a trip.  In the early part of 2001 I flew to Houston to visit a friend.

By chance her hobby was beads. I hadn't known that before. Her work was wonderful. Her fascination with beads was contagious. We visited bead stores. We made one necklace together....
Only one.
the love affair with beads began.

It's true, I enjoy making necklaces. But more than that, I enjoy beads. Buying them, collecting them, searching for them, looking at them, touching them (the only way to really see them) and discovering their amazing role in history. And from this obsession (yes it turned into that) I discovered lampwork. I bought a torch. I bought some glass. I turned one basement room into what I proudly liked to call "my studio". Then in the fall of 2008 I moved to Ottawa and took this obsession another step further – I opened a 10 torch teaching studio where I taught and brought instructors from across North America and sometimes beyond to share their techniques and skills.  I loved every moment of watching my love of glass ignite and capture the imagination of others that passed through the doors of GSS Flameworking and the Ottawa Glass Bead and Jewellery show.  I had the immense pleasure of meeting and being in the company of so many incredible artists.  I feel blessed and humbled by this very old art.

Enjoy these little wonders... my Beads created By Chance.